V Belt Buckle License Plate Mosaic Vintage Metal Stripes Black Letter White Yellow Cream

Item Description

Modern art to wear. A signed and numbered one of a kind art buckle. Be bold!

This colorful mosaic-like silver belt buckle is inlaid with 'tiles' of recycled license plate metal found in dusty attics, barns and at auctions. The metal pieces are measured, cut, hammered, and filed to create a unique, and distressed style buckle. Each bit of license plate edge is filed and sanded before being artfully arranged, and cemented into place on the buckle. As a final step the buckles are hand waxed, and buffed, multiple times, to preserve their beauty.

Will take a 1.5" - 1.75" snap-on belt (not included, but available in my shop). This listing is for the buckle pictured. Buckles in the last 2 photos are already sold and are for illustration purposes only.


You can order one of the belts directly from my shop listings. Click on the Belt Straps category to find the snap-on belts. .

copyright 2007-2014 R. Tannenbaum

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