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Going to the theatre used to be a 'dress up' event. You had a dress with shoes, hat, and bag to match. He wore his pressed shiny suit with a carnation on the lapel. The program handed to you by the usher became a souvenir, taped into your scrap book with the carnation - taken, along with a kiss, under the porch light.

From my "Artifact" line:

I found a small stash of these plates which were once attached to the seats in a theatre. I've domed them slightly with hammer and anvil and lashed them to a rigid cuff of dark brown, recycled leather, with waxed linen cord. An internal metal body holds the shape and will allow for some adjustment of the cuff. Leather is recycled and is well worn with some crackling which only adds to the rustic appeal of these cuffs.

Cuff is about 2" wide and inside depth is about 2.5". Solid brass plate about 1" x 2"

For a man or a woman. Not for very small wrists.

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