Giant Buckle Seven 7 Vintage License Plate Metal Mosaic

Item Description

The accessory that makes the outfit. A signed and numbered over-sized carefully crafted art buckle. My Giant buckles are the largest in my collection. This colorful mosaic silver belt buckle is inlaid with 'tiles' of recycled license plates that I find in attics, dusty barns, and at farm auctions. The metal pieces are measured, cut, hammered, and filed to create a unique, and distressed style buckle. Each bit of license plate edge is filed and sanded before being carefully shaped, artfully arranged, and then, cemented into place on the buckle. The buckles are waxed and buffed multiple times and finally signed and numbered.

This listing is for the buckle pictured in #1.  GIANT buckles are an eyeful at 3.6" x 2.75". (Standard size buckle is 3" x 2").

The buckle in the fourth photo is for illustration purposes only. The last photo shows all 3 sizes of my buckles. This buckle is the largest size.

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You can order one of the belts directly from my shop listings.

copyright 2007-2015 R. Tannenbaum

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