About Me

Wearable art created with reclaimed industrial metals.

A pile of old painted metal makes me weak in the knees.

The thread that runs through all of my work is a love for the rawness of a material and an appreciation for the effects of time and wear on it. I don't like "perfect". I prefer the idiosyncrasies that make each piece unique. Weather and time give a rich patina to painted metals that I find utterly appealing. I also have an addiction for typography and graffiti.

I re-purpose vintage license plates and other industrial metals into hand cut mosaic style belt buckles and wall art. The vintage painted metals are really a source for swaths of gorgeous well aged color and typography! My colorful mosaic belt buckles stem from my ongoing exploration of industrial metals as personal adornment. They recall a distinctly American car culture.

Each buckle is unique and is the culmination of a labor intensive multi-step process that includes cutting, shaping, hammering, filing, welding, cementing, beveling, waxing and polishing. Every buckle is signed and given a unique number engraved on the back.

Each buckle is carefully polished and wrapped before sending off to you with information about your new art buckle. My studio is in Baltimore, Maryland, and I ship within a day of paid orders. Your satisfaction is very important to me. 

I'd love to hear from you! You can reach me on facebook, twitter or instagram using the buttons below. Or just use the contact button to send me a direct email!

Randi Tannenbaum

"A museum piece for your waist. I would have bought a belt especially for it if I didn't already own one. "

"Absolutely gorgeous buckle & very cool that it is made from license plates! It was a perfect gift for my husband for our anniversary & he loved it! Thank you Randi"

"Randi does the most amazing work with her belt buckles. I totally LOVE this one and really want another. Will be in touch. "