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27th Annual Out Of Hand Craft Show

Unbelievable that I have been producing and participating in this show for 27 years now. Time becomes abstract when I think about that. So much change in my work. So many artists I've learned from and enjoy working with. Come and visit us on 12/2. This show is special!

Can recycled materials look good, too?

Last week was Earth Day. Recycling is mainstream these days. Gotta do your part. When artists use recycled materials in their art work they not only save resources but they embue the once functional item with a new beauty.  See the gorgeous colored metal bits in the buckle above? They were once part of mundane and hardly noticed license plates and industrial signage.

The Intersection Of Art And Wearables Or The Quest To Make A Visual Impact With A Small Work


Working small has its frustrations and its rewards. I have worked in both large and small scales. Jewelry and belt buckles are small scale, when you also work on pieces that can cover an entire wall in a moderately sized room.

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