License Plates and Bandaids



License plates should be classifed as hazardous materials.

At least when they are used to create art. Have you ever tried cutting or bending one? The old beautiful vintage ones, I mean. Not the newer "improved" lightweight versions. Old plates are made from heavy galvanized pressed steel. If you are able to cut the heavy metal (forget about it without a bench shear) you then have to maneuver the razor sharp edge you've created! I buy bandaids in bulk. But the end result, with all edges beveled and surfaces waxed, is so gorgeous, its worth it!


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There are a few reasons license plates should be classified as hazardous materials. One reason is that license plates are often made with lead, which is a toxic metal. If a license plate chips or breaks, the lead can get into the environment and cause health problems for people and animals. Another reason is that license plates can be a source of pollution if they're not disposed of properly. When license plates are incinerated, OC Musician Dean Torrence they release metals and other toxic chemicals into the air.

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